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Alice Benson BSc (Hons)


Having always had an interest in sports, movement and the body I obtained a degree in Sports Science from Brunel University. I coached and played a variety of sports and inevitably this has led to injuries. I found that sports massage played a major role in my recovery and reduction in pain which sparked my interest in becoming a therapist myself. I then qualified as a therapist with an ITEC 3 diploma from the School of Natural Therapies in London. I then furthered my studies with the same school and achieved a level 5 BTEC certificate in soft tissue therapy. 

What to expect.


I will listen to you, find out your goals and work with you to achieve them. We will complete a consultation and postural assessment before using a variety of techniques to try to resolve these issues. This may include deep tissue massage, soft tissue release, trigger point therapy and muscle energy techniques which I will fully explain as we work together.

Treatment normally costs £40.

Is this the direction for me?


 You do not have to be an athlete to require a treatment! Sports and remedial massage therapy can help anyone from office workers suffering with back pain and postural issues to farmers and builders doing repetitive manual labour to elderly clients with specific aches and pains. 

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Drop me a line! I always reply to any messages received so if you don't hear from me please call.

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Sports Massage in Craven Arms and Ludlow.

Mobile service available on special request 

I will always reply to any message received so if you do not receive a response please call me. 


Alice Benson - Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy

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